Apollonia Lazou

IT Test Manager, Hewlett Packard

I had a BSc in Computer Science and Management Science from Edinburgh University. I was interested in postgraduate studies as I felt having a Master’s degree would give me a competitive advantage when entering the job market. I also felt this course was perfect for someone wanting to work in a business/operations role, within an IT environment as it combined many business concepts with a technical context.

I furthered my understanding of database & information management knowledge and was introduced to various concepts of enterprise architecture and service management, all of which are fields I am in contact with during my day-to-day activities at my present job. In particular, the business analysis module was very useful as I used much of what I learnt around requirements gathering processes, in my role as a functional systems analyst.

The course enhanced my employability for the type of work I was looking for and helped develop my career by preparing me for a global IT environment. The modules covered a range of information balancing business and IT concepts, equipping me with a very versatile skillset.  This has made it very easy for me to transition between highly technical work and more business oriented roles. Currently, I hold a position as an IT test manager and am looking to move into project management.