James Skimins

Information Security Consutant, Scottish Power

James graduated in 2013 and is currently working for Scottish Power as an Information Security Consultant. Here is what he said about the course:

I had an MBA, industry accreditation, level 2-6 courses and exam certifications. I had spent 23 in the Army, leaving as a Major and deciding to take an MSc course on leaving the military. I wanted to add a computer science degree from a leading university to my CV that would support my experience and knowledge.

From the Information Management Masters I got confirmation of other learning, confirmation that my experience in military life was useful in my second career. Also that the processes and deliverables I had used were transferable and being taught at the highest level. I have used elements of the course, particularly systems architecture, systems development and service management/delivery. In addition I really enjoyed both research methods, and information law. DB and web systems development was good, and although I’ve not used it, it gave me confirmation on building relationships, whilst introducing new techniques.

I have moved onto information security. I worked for Capita for 14 months after completing the course. I have now started my own company and employ two people. I have worked with utility companies, Local Authorities, NHS, UK National networks (WANS) and even a construction company. I have no doubt that the MSc in Information Management allowed me to bridge my military experience and 'speak' industry language when discussing architecture, systems, law, and processes and also showing that I had both the experience and certifications to confirm my standing in the market place.