Obika Gellineau

Information Security Manager, First Citizens Bank

I came from mainly a science and security background. I graduated with a BSc in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Management of Information Systems. The majority of my experience was working in laboratories in the industrial sector. Before I started this course, I was working as a Crime Scene Investigator. This was where most of my training and experience in security originated.

My main reason for taking this course was that I wanted to expand my knowledge of IT and business, since I do not have much training and knowledge in those fields. Furthermore, the MSc program would give me the marketability I needed to get into the IT business sector, and it was likely that the course would give me the flexibility to do some research in security. I was able to achieve this with my dissertation.

I got a real appreciation for the work involved with Information Policy and Law, Enterprise Architecture, Web technologies and Research. These courses have given me the tools I needed to enter the IT business industry and has allowed me to create my own security blog called the Anti-Phishing Club. It has also given me a deeper understanding of myself. Since I was unsure as to whether I would be able to complete the course because of my limited knowledge on the subject field. However, the course was very easy to get into and I had no problems applying the knowledge I gained.

After completing the course I entered the First Citizens Bank as a contract worker. I am now the Manager, Information Security for the same organisation. The course has immensely helped with my career. It has allowed me to not only enter the IT industry, but it has given me the opportunity to retain my security background and knowledge. Additionally, the Information Policy and Law experience from the course has given me the ability to apply those principles to my current position in the Bank and actually shape Bank policy.