Usman Khan

Software Engineer, KANA Software

Usman Khan graduated 2011 and is currently working for KANA Software as a Software Engineer. Here is what he said about the MSc Information Management:

Prior to taking the course I had an MSc Computer Science from the University of Glasgow. There were two main reasons I picked this course. First I took two years off to travel after completing my undergraduate degree. I was finding it tough to find jobs at that particular time where the recession still in effect and I felt employers were more inclined to take on fresh graduates. I used the MSc Information Management to get me essentially back in the game and propel myself above the younger graduates with bachelor’s level education. Secondly I wanted to have a good grasp of the business and architectural side of IT industry, as well as revisit some of the coding skills I captured during my undergraduate degree.

There are a number of things that I got out of the course including:

  • a greater understanding of what it takes to become an IT architect and Business Analyst
  • improved coding skills (java & web technology)
  • a good understanding of Web search/retrieval techniques
  • vastly improved soft skills (reading, writing, listening and verbal communication)
  • leadership skills
  • maturity
  • friends
  • confidence

I was able to secure a job in software engineering almost 2 weeks after handing in my dissertation. I was employed by company in Glasgow called sword ciboodle who special in CRM software. Our software brought a lot attention to bigger companies overseas who wanted to expand their software suite. This eventually led to a takeover by leading Software Company called Verint System, who 2014 were listed in the top 50 software companies in the world.

The takeover led to opportunities to work overseas in US (Boston and California) due to company expansion. Two years ago I got offered a permanent contract to move the office just outside Boston. I accepted and I am now living and working in the US. I am still working as senior software engineer, but recently I have being working on goals and developing skills to move towards a managerial position in the company. I am backup for my manager, which means communicating directly with our blue chip customer and delegating issues to colleagues. I expect to move to a leadership role within the next year.