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MScMarketing, Athens

Why this course?

The Msc Marketing (Athens) programme is designed for non-business graduates or business graduates with no marketing component who want to pursue a career in this area.

The programme reflects the dynamic and technologically innovative nature of contemporary marketing, spanning private, public and third sectors.

You’ll gain a sound knowledge of the principles of marketing. Most importantly, you’ll develop an understanding of consumer behaviour in relation to individuals and organisations.

We’ll also ensure that you gain the technical and personal skills necessary to pursue your future career.

The programme features a choice of elective subjects. These reflect the current diversity in contemporary marketing practice.

The course has many value added features including but not limited to:

  • real-life learning through our live industry consultancy project, ‘Marketing Works’
  • industry collaboration
  • research excellence
  • skills-based teaching

What you’ll study

You’ll study seven compulsory (core) and four optional (elective) classes.

Teaching methods include case studies, simulations, seminars, presentations, team work, problem-solving exercises, and ‘hands-on’ real-life business projects.

The teaching methods are designed to facilitate integration of the theoretical and practical aspects of the programme and encourage interaction among students. All classes require a high level of student participation in class and independent study.

Course content

The Msc Marketing Programme reflects the dynamic and technologically innovative nature of contemporary marketing, spanning private, public and third sectors.

Students are given a sound grasp of the principles of marketing and most importantly, consumer behaviour concerning individuals and organisations. We will also ensure that you gain insights into the technical and personal skills necessary to pursue your future career.

Semester 1: core classes

Key Skills

This class provides support for assessed classes by covering the skills associated with academic writing needed to complete the postgraduate programme.

One of the aims of the MSc Marketing Programme is to develop the potential of our graduates to become senior business managers who work in global markets. As such, the level of professionalism with which tasks are approached and the ability to solve complex problems logically, to work in groups and to communicate effectively are crucial.

This class aims to develop these skills and in so doing, support the work in other classes, particularly Marketing Works.

Strategic Marketing Management

The aim of this class is to enable students to advance their understanding of the strategic marketing management process, to develop their knowledge of marketing planning and implementing the strategic activities of marketing within organisations in order to succeed in competitive markets.

The class provides an overview of discrete marketing tools used as well as theories and the fundamental terminology used in the field of strategic marketing management. In addition, the class aims to equip students with the analytical skills necessary to be able to implement and assess the outcomes of marketing decision making.

Consumer Behaviour

Understanding consumers is central to the business of marketing strategy. This class aims to move beyond the traditional focus upon the act of buying (buyer behaviour), to focus on having and being as fundamental processes in value formation.

Consumer behaviour in this regard is more than buying, it also embraces the study of how having (or not having) things affects our lives, and how our possessions influence the way we feel about ourselves and each other.

International Marketing Research

Marketing research and customer information provide key input to the development of a company's marketing strategy. The marketing concept is better implemented when information about the market, the competitors and potential buying behaviour is available.

This class introduces the decisions and stages of the marketing research process, within the context of customer and market information now available from a wide range of sources including databases, loyalty cards and the internet.

Brand Management & Strategy

This class provides a detailed understanding of brand theory and application of key brand strategies. Aspects and theories of brand management will be presented and discussed in order to equip the student to manage effectively in a global brand environment. Students will gain a clear appreciation of the role of brand strategy within the corporation’s operating plan. This will entail consideration of environmental factors causing changes to the structure and composition of the brand portfolio as well as discussion of conceptual issues surrounding the strategic roles of brand management.

A theoretical look at how a company’s brand value is created and measured will be a key objective of this core class. Using core brand theories and concepts, this class reviews and applies brand strategies to a variety of business cases. The class is rich in branding theory and will put the theory to practice using branding applications to industry and reviewing branding strategies.

Semester 2

Marketing Works: Group Consultancy Project

The Marketing Works project provides students with a challenging organisation-based, action-learning opportunity to advise a company on a marketing problem/opportunity.

Students will consult their client-firms or client-organisations with the objective of delivering realistic recommendations which if implemented could reasonably be expected to help generate strategic marketing plans. The scope of the project is to allow students to work in groups to manage the project at hand, and communicate their outcomes to their clients.

The groups are responsible for managing their relationships with their clients, and will be assigned a supervisor who will oversee the students’ progress.

Dissertation Skills
In preparation for the Dissertation a class is taught early in the 2nd semester, covering all aspects required for successful submission. By the end of this class, combined with necessary readings, students should be sufficiently prepared to undertake their dissertation, having submitted a research proposal, which requires a pass mark to proceed.

Elective classes

You'll be required to complete four 10 credit elective classes, three of which will be chosen by the Programme Manager and one you will choose from the range available. The range varies from year to year.

Summer term


A good level of performance across both semesters and a Research Proposal, at a pass level, are necessary for students to progress to the Dissertation stage of the MSc. The dissertation is your opportunity to study, in depth, a specific marketing problem in an area of personal interest.

Dissertations typically involve desk research and literature reviews, then case studies of individual companies or small scale primary research. This provides scope for originality of thought, research fieldwork and analysis and presentation of results.

Learning & teaching

A comprehensive support package is provided to enhance students' learning and to ensure maximum student benefit during their period of study. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • a package of essential texts for all core classes
  • access to career counselling
  • access to relevant databases
  • an effective mechanism for student feedback throughout the year

The taught component of the course will be covered in semester 1 and 2. Both of these semesters will run for 12 weeks. The dissertation is taken during the summer term.

The learning and teaching methods will vary between classes. These will include:

  • online updates
  • class discussions
  • role-playing exercises
  • case studies
  • directed reading tasks
  • guest lectures
  • student-led presentations
  • DVD/Podcast presentations
  • computer-based/experiential learning
  • self-motivated reading and research


Assessment methods vary between core and elective classes. Assessment for core classes is a combination of examinations worth 60% and assignments worth 40%.

Elective classes have no examinations and are assessed in a variety of ways using essay/report based assignments worth 100%.

Entry requirements

A first or upper-second-class Honours degree, or overseas equivalent qualification, in a non-marketing discipline.

English language proficiency must be at IELTS 6.5 minimum or equivalent.

Selection process

The selection process for this programme is based on information relating to your past academic performance, qualifications and English proficiency as well as work and life experiences, determining your suitability for the programme. For this reason, the completion rate is extremely high.

Students who are committed to their studies and perform at the academic level required should complete the programme successfully.

Fees & funding

Tuition fees

  • 2017/18 - €12,000

Please note

The fees shown are annual and may be subject to an increase each year. Find out more about fees.


Our Masters is recognised globally for its excellence and graduates develop careers in marketing and related employment all over the world. A very small selection of job titles and employers is represented in the following examples*.

Some graduates choose to continue studying for a PhD.

Where are they now?

Job titles include:

  • Category Marketing Executive
  • Integrated Marketing Officer
  • Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • UK Sales Planner

Employers include:

  • IRONMAN Austria
  • Microsoft
  • Ripple

*Based on the results of the National Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Survey.

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Marketing (Athens)

Qualification: MSc, Start date: Sep 2017, Mode of delivery: attendance, full-time

Marketing (Athens)

Qualification: MSc, Start date: Sep 2018, Mode of delivery: attendance, full-time

Marketing (Athens)

Qualification: MSc, Start date: Sep 2017, Mode of delivery: attendance, part-time

Marketing (Athens)

Qualification: MSc, Start date: Sep 2018, Mode of delivery: attendance, part-time

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