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Primary teaching and education graduate Adam Black standing at a smart board in his classroom, smiling at the camera

Adam Black, Primary School Teacher

Adam Black, 26, is a primary teacher currently working for Glasgow City Council. He studied Primary Education (PGDE) and Educational Support (MSc) here at Strathclyde and graduated in 2015. 

My alarm goes off…

My alarm goes off every day at 6.30am (I normally snooze at least once!) and I’m in work for 7.30am. I’m a morning person and get a lot done early doors.

Primary teaching and education graduate Adam Black working at his desk in his classroom

I’m responsible for…

I’m responsible for providing a caring and nurturing ethos for the children within my class and beyond. I’m also responsible for providing them with an effective education, tailored to suit their individual needs and help them make sense of the Scottish curriculum.

I got my job…

I got my job following my probation year in a school I was doing some short term supply work in. Right place and right time - it was lucky.

My course prepared me for the working world…

My course prepared me for the working world by providing a realistic view on what teaching was going to be like. The late nights at uni weren’t just for uni - they're a standard weekday for teachers.

My typical day….

My typical day is arriving at work around 7.30am where I log on to my computer and sift through my emails, dealing with any from parents first of all before anything school specific. I then check my plans and make sure I have I need to make the day a success. Any jotters or work needing checked or marked is then given time before the bell rings at 9am. A full day teaching ranges from day to day but it will include a range of activities from across the curriculum. After 3pm, we often have staff meetings or curriculum development groups where we try and improve the standard of learning. There may also be an afterschool club to run or a school committee to help with.

That evening, any jotters needing marked for the next day will be done in front of the television.

Primary teaching and education graduate Adam Black working at his desk in his classroom smiling at the camera

My most memorable work moment…

My most memorable work moment would have to be when my class was filmed by Education Scotland as an exemplar in mathematics practice. It was interesting for me but the kids were so excited and it definitely gave them something they'll remember forever.

The best part of my job…

The best part of my job is building positive relationships with children in your class and watching them learn more and more as the year goes on. 

My advice for other graduates…

My advice for other graduates would be to soak up as much theory while you are in university as possible. Quality practice is grounded in theory and the resources you have while attending an institution such as Strathclyde are unbelievable.

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