Electronic & Electrical Engineering Fangzhu Yu, PhD Student

PhD student Fangzhu Yu smiling at the camera

I’m Fangzhu Yu and I'm in Year 4 of my PhD in electronic & electrical engineering here at Strathclyde.

Hi Fangzhu. Why did you choose Strathclyde for your postgraduate research study?

I did the 2+2 joint programme between my University back home in China and here at Strathclyde so I knew the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering here is one of the best in the UK.

Tell us about the nature of your research.

My expertise is power system protection. My topic is about utilising cutting-edge technology – phasor measurement units (with GPS synchronising all the measurements) to detect and isolate the short circuit faults that occur in power systems.

What do you like about your research area?

Power system protection is the backbone of power systems. The research I’m conducting is a novel method and the innovation is what attracts me the most.

What’s the Strathclyde research community like?

It’s a supportive, relaxed and diverse community. It is competitive, but your colleagues and supervisors are always happy to help.

What are the Strathclyde facilities like?

I’m based in the Technology & Innovation Centre, which is a modern building incorporating staff from different departments. The lab we use is equipped with the most up-to-date devices (RTDS) which enables us to conduct the hardware in the loop tests.Inside the Technology and Innovation Centre

Tell us about the support from your supervisor and the wider Strathclyde team.

I usually have a meeting with my supervisor once a week. He gives me so much advice and inspires me with novel ideas.

When I encounter a gap in my knowledge or I'm unfamiliar with some packages or devices, my colleagues are always willing to help.

What's the best thing about Strathclyde?

The supportive team and the preciseness of the researchers.