Jaylan Azer, PhD Marketing student

Jaylan Azer

PhD student, Marketing

Egyptian student Jaylan Azer is in the second year of her PhD study with Strathclyde's Department of Marketing. Her study focuses on the effect of negatively-valanced customer engagement behaviour on value co-creation. She is being supervised by Matthew Alexander.

Before coming to Strathclyde, Jaylan studied a Masters degree in Marketing at Cardiff University. She also studied in her home country at undergraduate level, and has worked in banking and teaching.

Find out more below about Jaylan's life at Strathclyde.

Why did you choose Strathclyde for your PhD study?

Firstly, it was the love of the UK system. My Masters’ degree was very encouraging and the UK system showed me that it’s based on what you understand and how you can apply it. I sent my idea to a lot of universities in the UK and was accepted by a lot of them. When I started to compare, I thought of the interviews I had with supervisors, which were all done through Skype, and I felt Matthew understood everything about the concept I was talking about and he could also add a lot to it.

I then started to search for the credibility of business school degrees and I found out that Strathclyde Business School is triple accredited, which only 1% of business schools across the world are triple accredited. This helped me make my decision.

Has studying here lived up to your expectations?

It has exceeded them! I was a bit nervous about the Scottish accent at first but I haven’t found it a problem at Strathclyde. Perhaps this is because the University has a lot of international students. I haven’t had any problems, and staff always say ‘stop us if you don’t understand anything.’

What do you enjoy most about living in Glasgow?

Glasgow is a charming city. It has a combination of medieval-age buildings and the modernisation of a European city.

The people here are great, they are so friendly and they smile a lot.

I also sing in the St Andrew's Cathedral Choir. The people there are wonderful and I feel like part of a family. It's the same at the University.

What would you like to do after your PhD?

I have always wanted to teach. I have taught before but I want to go for university teaching, which is why I am studying what I am.

Would you recommend Strathclyde as a place to study for international students?

Definitely. On a scale of one to five, it’s five!