Lecturer Tahsin Tezdogan smiling at the camera while standing on the grass outside the Henry Dyer building

Dr Tahsin Tezdogan, Lecturer

Dr Tahsin Tezdogan is a Lecturer in our Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering. Tahsin studied for his PhD with us here at Strathclyde before going on to join our teaching staff! Find out what it's like to work here at the University of Strathclyde.

My alarm goes off…

My alarm goes off at 7am. I’ll have a quick breakfast, then shower and get ready for work. I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance of Strathclyde; the fresh air (and often rain!) helps me to feel wide awake and ready for a productive day by the time I arrive at my office.

Lecturer Tahsin Tezdogan sitting at his desk and smiling at the camera

I’m responsible for…

I'm responsible for many tasks in the Department. First and foremost, I’m responsible for our MSc programmes, helping to ensure these programmes run smoothly. I also have a fantastic team of PhD students and researchers so I spend a lot of time supervising their research projects. I also deliver lectures for a number of classes within the Department and Faculty (of Engineering).

I got my job…

I got my job in 2015, after completing my PhD within the Department.

Luckily for me, a lecturer position was advertised just after I’d finished my PhD - I applied, and the rest is history!

My course prepared me for the working world…

My course prepared me by giving me a thorough insight into many engineering principles. It also provided me with a strong work ethic, which has been invaluable since I started in this role. 

My typical day….

My typical day starts around 8.30am with a strong coffee. I’ll put on some light background music (usually classical) and work through the dozens of emails I’ve received since the previous day. Following this, I’ll attend a variety of meetings (staff meetings, supervisory meetings, research meetings and training sessions etc). In between these meetings I’ll often give lectures and prepare lecture slides, and during exam season, I’ll spend time marking exam papers. As Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes, I’ll usually meet with any students who have questions for me.

As an active researcher, I also dedicate some time towards my own research and projects. I usually stay at work until at least 7pm, then I’ll go home and have a quick dinner. Most evenings, as I’m Deputy Editor of Ocean Engineering journal, I’ll perform various editorial tasks to contribute to the journal’s continuing success.

Lecturer in a classroom

My most memorable work moment…

My most memorable moment was when I attended last year’s Departmental Graduation Ball on the Tall Ship. Throughout the night, almost all of my graduating students came up to me to say thank you for a great year - they all mentioned how much they had enjoyed my classes and they said I had a great, personable approach to teaching – this was a huge compliment and it showed me that my approach to teaching was a good one!

The best part of my job…

The best part of my job is engaging with my students – listening to their ideas, guiding them through their projects and life in general (such as applying for jobs and improving their CVs).

My advice for other graduates…

My advice is make the most of your time as a student – it will go faster than you think!

Experience as much of university life as you can – join societies, attend seminars and make the most of all the great resources that Strathclyde provides you with. Similarly, enjoy exploring Scotland with your friends – it’s a beautiful place to be studying! At the same time, do try your best throughout your degree – in particular, work hard on individual and group projects as recruiting companies often pay special attention to these.