Computer Science (MEng)Connor Nicol

I chose to study at the University of Strathclyde after having a really great experience at one of the University’s open days. All the students I spoke to sounded excited to talk about their work and the staff were easy to talk to. Strathclyde also had a great selection of classes available to choose from for my course, and there was space in the timetable to try some from other departments too.

Graduate prospects

I chose my course by comparing what was available at Strathclyde and throughout Scotland, and visiting each university that I wanted to apply to at least once. I chose to study MEng Computer Science because of the graduate prospects in a growing industry and Strathclyde’s links to it. I found the application process through UCAS was straightforward and quick.

Great city full of brilliant people

Before coming to Strathclyde, I lived in a small town in Ayrshire - I found the transition easy. I had visited before and knew the people were friendly and diverse. I enjoy absolutely everything about living in Glasgow, including the occasional spell of rain. Glasgow is a great city full of brilliant people.

Strathclyde and Glasgow are so welcoming! There’s so much on offer for students in Glasgow, and there’s something for everyone – just take a look at the societies' page on the Students' Union website, for example. The best thing about university life is the constant availability of things to do. The union is always offering some kind of social event or way to unwind. The careers service are always offering some way to improve yourself or your CV.

Choose Strathclyde!

The advice I would give a student thinking of the University of Strathclyde is to choose Strathclyde! Make sure you say yes to some of the many opportunities available to you when you do! Whenever you need help, it’s available. That was my main concern coming from high school, but lecturers are available and approachable all the time.

The staff are so genuinely passionate about their subject and will do everything to give you the best studying experience.

I was lucky enough to be a class rep and got to see first-hand how committed the department staff are to giving students everything they need to have an enjoyable time studying and a successful career afterwards. They take student input seriously and work for you.

I was tentative about taking up the opportunity to do a placement as it wasn’t mandatory for my course – I thought the job might be too hard or I wouldn’t learn much. I was definitely wrong. So many companies want to meet students with opportunities to get a foot in the door to the industry during the course. It was definitely worthwhile doing!