Naina Bhardwaj, English, Journalism & Creative Writing student

Naina Bhardwaj

English & Journalism & Creative Writing (BA)

Naina is an undergraduate student in Strathclyde's School of Humanities & Social Sciences. Below, she tells us why she chose her course, what it's like to study at Strathclyde and she also shares some useful tips for prospective students.

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

I chose to study at Strathclyde because I wanted to be part of an environment which had a combination of rigorous, insightful academics and a great social atmosphere in the heart of Glasgow, my hometown.

How did you decide what course to choose?

I decided to choose English & Journalism & Creative Writing as my joint honours degree because it is one of the few places in the world where I can study these two subjects in conjunction with each other which I think will broaden my prospects for the future.

Has studying at Strathclyde lived up to your expectations?

Studying at Strathclyde has exceeded my expectations, everyone is really supportive and there is a great atmosphere at the university.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I really enjoy this course as it is very broad ranging and covers all aspects of publishing and the media.

What advice would you give to a prospective student coming to study your course?

I would tell them to ensure that they do all of their reading before the semester rather than during it because it can be too difficult to balance all of your assignments and extracurriculars.

What’s the best thing about studying at Strathclyde?

The best thing about studying at Strathclyde is the support which everybody has for each other at the university.