Clinical LLB

Throughout the world and increasingly in the UK, clinical legal education is becoming central to legal education.

By taking this world-leading degree, you’ll gain the unique opportunity to enhance your theoretical understanding of law, by applying it in real life contexts.

You’ll observe how law actually operates in practice and gain valuable professional skills and an appreciation of professional values before graduating.

The course involves taking the standard LLB and in addition, undertaking:

  • skills training
  • ethical education
  • work on actual legal cases

You’ll reflect on the skills, ethics and justice and on your cases in designated classes (core clinical classes).

In addition, you’ll be assessed on the basis of reflection on Law Clinic cases, alongside existing forms of assessment on the standard syllabus of selected standard LLB classes (clinically available classes).

What you'll study

The LLB involves the same curriculum as that of the standard LLBs with the addition of a minimum number of clinical classes.

The number of classes depends on whether you’re taking the LLB for school leavers or the graduate entry option.

Entry requirements

You must be admitted onto one of our LLB courses:

Following this, you must be admitted to the University of Strathclyde Law Clinic

The Law Clinic recruits in the first few weeks of Semester 1.  Details will be provided in induction week.

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