Paul Breen, Law (LLB) graduate, in office

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Paul Breen, Senior Solicitor

Paul is a senior solicitor with Brodies LLP, Scotland's largest law firm. After graduating in Law (LLB) in 2007, he completed the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice

My course prepared me for the working world by...

The course covered all aspects of law and provided a solid foundation for the research and analytical skills that I use every day. It was very valuable in that sense and I enjoyed studying at Strathclyde.

I got my job...

Paul Breen, Law (LLB) graduate

I started applying for traineeships during my Diploma year – some did this earlier during their Honours year, but it's like undertaking another class in itself! I secured my traineeship with Brodies LLP around half way through my Diploma year. I then had a year out before starting at Brodies so I could go travelling and do some more office work before starting my traineeship.

It was in 2007/2008, so quite a turbulent time with traineeships being cancelled and deferred by various firms due to the economic downturn. I was fortunate that Brodies maintained its commitment to its trainees.

I'm responsible for...

I'm a corporate lawyer at Brodies so I work with companies, directors and shareholders on a wide range of things. Some of the work I do is deal with investments, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and various bespoke commercial contracts – essentially working with clients to make things happen for them or their business.

I’m responsible for liaising directly with our clients and other lawyers or accountants and managing transactions. As a corporate lawyer, effective project management is essential and that also involves working with other departments internally. The work is really varied and often complex, so there’s never a dull (or quiet) moment!

The best part of my job is...

I get to meet and deal with lots of different people every day. I really enjoy the variety and complexity the work brings – two days are rarely the same.

The daily challenge of analysing issues and finding commercial solutions is great, and of course, finally completing a transaction is always satisfying! At Brodies I get to work with brilliant lawyers who are specialists in their field - so it’s great to be able to learn from their experience.

The most memorable moment in my career so far is...

There have been so many. I particularly remember completing my first sale of a company in Edinburgh in my first year, and being at the completion meeting with our client and the purchaser’s lawyers. It was quite daunting beforehand, but I remember not feeling any nerves at all when the time came – sink or swim! It was a great feeling when it all went smoothly.

I’ve enjoyed many similar experiences since and I’m lucky to work with such accomplished lawyers at Brodies. I also spent a year on secondment at a leading energy provider, which was a brilliant experience. The legal team there were great to work for and it was very valuable in terms of my own development – it gave me an insight into how things operate internally at a business.

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My best memory from studying at Strathclyde is...

I enjoyed the course itself – it was very varied, and we also had different electives (not strictly related to the law), which provided a good mix of subjects.

The social aspects were great too – particularly at the Student's Union. I loved playing pool, putting songs on the jukebox and being in the Barony Bar watching many a Champions League tie! I was fortunate that many of my friends were studying at Strathclyde at the same time, and I made new ones along the way.

I would advise prospective students to choose my course and study at Strathclyde because...

It’s a great university. The LLB at Strathclyde has a fantastic reputation, and is taught by top-class lecturers and academics. The course covers loads of interesting areas of the law, which are explored further and brought to life in the tutorials. It’s a challenge but it's well worth it.