Canadian student Savio Baptista smiling at the camera in the Lord Hope Cafe

Savio Baptista

Law (Scots & English) (Graduate Entry)

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

While researching graduate-entry LLB programmes in the UK, I was captivated by the University of Strathclyde’s law school and its degree programmes. In particular, the Dual Qualifying Accelerated (Scots and English Law) programme stands out amongst other graduate-entry LLB programmes, since it allows an individual to gain an in-depth understanding of both English and Scottish legal systems.

Following graduation and completion of post-degree professional training, graduates have the opportunity to practice law either in England/Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.

What do you enjoy about studying here?

At Strathclyde, students will greatly benefit from the quality of teaching. The manner in which lectures are delivered opens the door to deeper learning. I myself have consistently been challenged since I am required to be innovative, and think more critically as I go through my course work and assignments.

What specialist knowledge/professional skills have you developed studying your course?

I have learned to use the OSCOLA citation style. As well, I have found new ways to effectively research academic resources.

How is your course helping to enhance your current career and prepare you for your future career?

My education has encompassed a variety of fields... and allowed me to study law from an interdisciplinary approach, and deepened my understanding of the role that the law plays within society. The privilege of obtaining a legal education would allow me to further expand upon the knowledge and skills that I have developed in my past studies, and achieve my goal of becoming a lawyer.

What are your ambitions for the future and how do you think your time at Strathclyde will help you achieve your goals?

I am highly motivated to attain a law degree so that I can pursue a career as a real estate lawyer. As a real estate lawyer, I would be expected to have a strong understanding of the law in areas, such as property law and contract law. These are courses that will be taught in law school.

Secondly, I will need to possess a range of skills in order to successfully handle the legal aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions. Such skills will be developed as I undertake courses in law school so that I will eventually be able to think like a lawyer.