Software Engineering (BSc)Darren Lowe

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

Strathclyde has a good reputation within Glasgow as being one of the leading universities. It appealed to me on many fronts such as:

  • its teaching style of focusing on practical skills and elements
  • it’s physical location in the heart of Glasgow
  • it’s great links with business and employers, with lots of industry talks and visits

Coming out of a HND at college I had the opportunity to join other universities as a direct entrant into third year in some courses, but chose to join Strathclyde via direct entry into second year BSc Software Engineering. This was mainly because I felt like the additional year at a more respected and recommended university would help me in the long run, and it has.

Why did you choose your course?

From an early age I have always harboured a keen interest in tech and what drives the industry. Software engineering had always particularly caught my eye. I enjoy the problems and obstacles which come with the development of software and the enjoyment of overcoming these issues by creating interesting and efficient solutions. What makes it interesting is that there is no set path to follow in order to solve a problem.

In terms of the Strathclyde BSc Software Engineering degree, it fills all the boxes above and taught me all the necessary skills to enter the workplace. A big part here was that within my course I was encouraged to complete a one-year industrial placement within industry between my third and fourth year. I secured and completed my placement with a notable retail bank based in Edinburgh, and was able to build upon the skills I learned during my time at university as well as gain contacts and some real-world experience.

How did you find the application process?

Applications were done through UCAS as per normal, a little different for me as I was applying for direct entry into second year. Overall the process was seamless and easy to complete.

What do you enjoy about living in Glasgow?

The social life within the city is good, there's lots of things to do, places to see etc. Everything is more or less within walking distance and you get some good exercise walking up and down the hill at the main campus.

How welcoming do you find Strathclyde and Glasgow?

From the day I started at Strathclyde I’ve always felt welcome. The staff do a great job at helping you out whenever you need it and within Computer & Information Sciences most of the lecturers have a somewhat open-door policy which is refreshing to see. I’ve never had a problem talking to my lecturers in both professional matters and in some of the social events that they have begun hosting.

What advice would you give to a student thinking of coming to Strathclyde?

Strathclyde is a great place to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the tech industry, they supply a good practical understanding of concepts and theories. The one thing I suggest to anyone looking to start in the tech industry is to try and fit as many summer internships into your university time as you can. They help you build on the skills the course gives you by applying them to real world examples. The experience you gain is also invaluable when looking for a graduate job at the end of your course, the more experience the better.

Anything else you'd like to tell us?

The tech industry within Scotland is currently crying out for more talent, the job market is huge with loads of possibilities. Glasgow and Edinburgh are becoming real tech hubs within the UK. Unlike other degrees which my friends have done and struggled to find graduate positions, with a degree like BSc Software Engineering or BSc Computer Science you will not struggle to find a graduate position which will set you up for life.