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What is Mindfulness?

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is designed to help you learn new ways of managing difficult physical sensations, feelings and moods.

The core skill that you will learn is mindfulness, a way of paying attention, on purpose, non-judgementally to what goes on in the present moment in your body, mind and the world around you. Mindfulness can enable you to see things differently. It can increase your sense of personal confidence and of having more options and more strength to face the different challenges in your life.

Most students will find some aspects of their course stressful and this may have a number of different effects on them, mindfulness can allow you to accept and work with these areas. Mindfulness has been widely researched and is used to help people manage:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Chronic conditions
  • Depression

Benefits of Mindfulness

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Most people completing mindfulness courses report that they gain lasting benefits, such as:

  • more energy and enthusiasm
  • a greater capacity for relaxation
  • more self confidence
  • an increased ability to handle stressful situations
  • better sleeping patterns
  • increase in working memory capacity

For further information about the benefits of mindfulness and in particular within a higher education context have a look at the following website.  http://mindfulnessforstudents.co.uk/what-is-mindfulness/


Our Mindfulness course

The course runs over 8 weeks for 2 hours and includes a full day on mindfulness, during the course. Home practice for six days a week is an important part of the course.No previous experience of meditation is necessary. The course is non-religious and secular.

The programmes run on Wednesday afternoons; 2pm to 4 pm for 8 weeks. With the 6th session being a full day 10am to 4 pm.  

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Mindfulness dates for session 2016/17 (in MS Word format)


How to book a place

The booking page will go live three weeks before the orientation session for each programme. Participants should attend the orientation session and then after that session they will be given the link to the booking page for the full course, if they wish to join it. 

To book a place on the orientation session, please go to Mindfulness Orientation Session Booking Page

To book a place on the 8-week programme, please go to Mindfulness Course Booking Page

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Please note this course is free but only available to registered students at the University of Strathclyde. Further details of venue and reading materials will be e-mailed to you. During session 2014/15 places will also be available for staff members who are wishing to take part in the meditation facilitation programme.