Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey

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The DLHE has now closed! Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey.


What is it?

The DLHE is a national survey of everyone who has recently received a qualification from any university or HE college in the UK.

The Student Survey Team asks everyone who received a qualification from the University what they will be doing six months after they complete their studies. We will send out email reminders with links to the web form and will launch a telephone survey for those we haven't heard from in the evenings and weekend.

The survey is sent out to full and part time, international, EU and UK completers and the same questionnaire is used for all groups, regardless of the level of qualification. We need to hear from everyone - even if they have returned to Strathclyde for further study and/or work!

Why do we do this?

Because we have to!

The University, along with every other Higher Education provider in the UK, is legally required to provide statistical information on the destinations at six months of those who gain a qualification to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Because we want to!

The information the University gains from the DLHE survey is used to inform careers advisers and University management on the state of the graduate labour market. It helps current students in choosing their career paths and helps the University market, plan and review our courses.

What can I do before I finish my course?

If you're in your final year then please make sure your contact details held at Registry are up to date! You can do this when you log in to Pegasus

You can also make sure you include an email address other than your Strathclyde one when you register to graduate.

You can also contact the Student Survey Team directly with your updated contact details to be used in the survey.

Why did I get an email/phone call/SMS about the DLHE?

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) is the statutory body that governs the DLHE survey and they tell us who to include. The DLHE survey covers all full time and part time courses and qualifications from HNC level and above. You will have received an invitation to the survey because you fall under these categories.

We have to ask everyone the same questions, even if they have returned to the University for further study and/or employment. Please don't assume we will know what you're doing!

In some cases you might think that the questions don't apply to your situation/course. HESA provide the questionnaires to every UK Higher Education institution to use to make sure everyone is asked the same things throughout the UK. The forms then have to be fairly general and not course specific. If you have difficulty in working out which options to tick, then please get in touch and we can ask you the questions over the phone and complete a questionnaire for you. Email or call 0141 548 3117.

Why should I complete the survey?

  • You would be helping current students gain a clear picture of the graduate labour market in the same way that those who completed courses before you have done.
  • You would be helping our Careers Advisers keep informed of trends in the graduate labour market so they can give the best possible advice to students and graduates alike.
  • The information we get from the survey is very useful throughout the University from departmental level to University management. It can be used in course and departmental reviews and for marketing for example.

While we want you to complete the survey to give us the fullest picture of the destinations of Strathclyde students, you don't need to! Just let us know that you don't want to participate in the survey and we will stop emailing and phoning you.

You can see the DLHE results over two years for Strathclyde too if you have access to a PC on campus. You can also see some results on the HESA website.

Can I fill this out online?

The survey has now closed!

What happens to this information?

Have a look at our graduate labour market pages to see some of what the Careers Service does with the information it gets. The Student Survey Team makes data available to students via the online GEMS system. We also provide information to University departments and managers. You can find out more on our DLHE and Data Protection page.

At the end of the survey, we (and every other Higher Education institution in the UK) send coded information from the forms to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). HESA provide information about the onward uses of the destinations data online.

Keep in touch!