Centres for Doctoral Training

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Today’s global challenges require first-class research talent, which Strathclyde nurtures through a revolutionary learning environment for the research leaders of tomorrow - our Centres for Doctoral Training.

At Strathclyde, nurturing our research community to achieve their full potential, pursuing a genuinely global approach and connecting high quality research to outcomes with impact are fundamental to our research.

Centres for Doctoral Training help achieve this with supportive 4-year programmes which integrate world class research teams with pioneering external partnerships in an interdisciplinary environment.

By increasing the proportion of our postgraduate research students studying within Doctoral Training Centre environments (internally and externally funded), we continue to provide an innovative and engaging student experience for researchers at Strathclyde.

You can find further details on each of our Centres for Doctoral Training by using the menu on the left-hand side of this page.

Key benefits

1. Multidisciplinary learning environment
2. Competitive stipends
3. Exposure to cutting-edge research
4. Valuable industry experience
5. Personal and professional development

This glossary aims to explain the differences between the different Research Council names to describe the cohort-based approach to training doctoral students.