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The Advanced Manufacturing IDC’s new programme in Forging and Forming is a 4 year programme that will provide valuable experiences for students while they work within global manufacturing companies, developing and maturing their research ideas.

This programme focuses on students understanding the wider issues associated with manufacturing in an industrial context. The outputs from projects are contributions of valuable research to support the UK’s Manufacturing Industry, and resolving and pushing boundaries of current manufacturing techniques. A key theme is supporting the reinvigoration of the Manufacturing economy and ensuring a future of strong industry for the UK and beyond.

The Advanced Manufacturing IDC is supported by the EPSRC with £1.23M. The programme is structured with four intakes/cohorts enabling 32 students to complete their Engineering Doctorates over the next 7 years. 

AFRC’s industrial Partners Rolls-Royce plc and Timet are key contributors to the programme, developing company-specific projects on an annual basis. The AFRC and DMEM contribute support and resources.

We are looking for outstanding graduates from a wide range of science and engineering subjects.

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Jacqueline Laidlaw
EngD Programme Coordinator
University of Strathclyde
0141 534 5226

Key Features

1. Competitive stipend of around £15K per annum for eligible students
2. All fees and additional training will be provided
3. Masters level course provided to underpin student's Engineering and Manufacturing knowledge
4. Opportunity to achieve an EngD qualification, with the same prestige and ranking as a traditional PhD award
5. Four years gaining valuable industry experience working directly with global manufacturing companies