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The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Applications of Next Generation Accelerators is a 4 year research degree, awarded for doctoral level research, based at one of the four partner universities: Strathclyde, Huddersfield, Surrey and Queens University Belfast, and supported by a programme of professional and technical development courses.  It broadens and strengthens the research base and provides the intellectual challenge and rigour of a PhD in a framework of research, business facing experience and courses that prepare the CDT Postgraduate Researchers for operating in a multidisciplinary environment. 

Accelerator applications are growing, and next generation accelerators will provide new opportunities, driving a need for highly trained people. A tight training programme is provided across institutes using distance learning methods, mini-schools and workshops. This emphasises cohort building, the interaction across disciplines, business facing skills and industrial/clinical placements. PGRs are closely monitored, mentored and assessed by the team and collaborators. 

We encourage applications from students with a wide range of academic backgrounds, including Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and Health Sciences.

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Professor Dino Jaroszynski
CDT Director
Physics Department
University of Strathclyde
0141 548 3057

Did you know...

...students will have the opportunity to work with industry and clinical institutes across Europe