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Mr Roy GrieveA graduate of Glasgow University, his teaching and research interests are in the areas of history of economic thought, macroeconomic theory and policy, development, with particular interests in the relevance, limitations and compatibility of classical, Keynesian and marginalist traditions of analysis. He has published on macroeconomics, history of thought and development issues. He has undertaken consultancy work in the field of transport economics.

Selected Publications:

'Pecuniary External Economies, Economies of Scale and Increasing Returns: A Note of Dissent'. Review of Political Economy, 21 (4), pp.641-654, October 2009
Strathclyde Discussion Papers:
09 - 11 The Text Book 'Black Magic', or, How to Make the Keynes Theory Disappear

09 - 10  Price Flexibility and Full Employment: a Common Misinterpretation

08 - 13  Professor Yunus on 'Social Business' and the Conquest of Poverty: a Dissenting View

08 - 06  'Economic Geometry': Marshall's and Other Early Representations of Demand and Supply

08 - 05  Adam Smith's Concept of Productive and Unproductive Labour: an Interpretation

08 - 04  Keynes, Sraffa and the Emergence of the General Theory: Some Thoughts

R Grieve, "Putting the Record Straight: Adam Smith, Allyn Young and the Division of Labour", Strathclyde Papers in Economics, 06/03, 2006.

R Grieve, "Appropriate Technology in a Globalising World", International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development, 3 (3), 2004, pp.173-187.

R Grieve, "Roncaglia on Sraffa and Wittenstein: Further Comment", The Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, 16 (1), 2004, pp.95-115.

R Grieve, "Perspectives on Technology and Development", in M M Huq (Ed), Building Technological Capability: Issues and Prospects, Dhaka, The University Press, 2003, pp.16-57.

R Grieve, "No Fabrication Involved", Journal of Economic Studies, 28 (2), 2001, pp.141-148.

R Grieve, "The AD/AS Model: Two into One Won't Go".  In B B Rao (Ed), Aggregate Demand and Supply: A Critique of Orthodox Economic Modelling, London, Macmillan, 1998.