Our staff

Our staff have a great range of national and international practice experience. We conduct research that deals with architectural and urban issues at global, regional and local levels. 

Our staff are complimented by a dynamic group of professional architects and engineers from internationally renowned Glasgow Practices. 

Key staff

Tim Sharpe Head of Department
Michael Grant Deputy Head UG and Operations
David Grierson Deputy Head PGT/Director of Internationalisation
Branka Dimitrijevic Director of Knowledge Exchange and PGR 
Ashraf Salama Director of Research
Derek Hill Director of Courses Parts I and II
David Reat Director of Cultural Studies
John Wood Director of Technology Studies
Aileen Alexander Administrator/Disability Contact

Academic staff

Andrew Agapiou PSA Year Out 1
Michael Angus Senior Teaching Fellow
Andrew Campbell Year 1 Leader
Zhen Chen Lecturer
Ulrike Enslein Year 5 Leader
Alessandra Feliciotti Lecturer
Gordon Fleming Year Tutor (Y3)
David Fletcher Year Tutor (Y1)
Cristina Gonzalez-Longo Senior Lecturer 
William Gunn Year 4 Leader
Colin Hastie Professional Studies Advisor
Stirling Howieson Senior Lecturer
Lori McElroy Professor
Grainne McGill Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow
Jennifer McKerr Year 2 Leader
Ruairidh Moir Year Tutor (Y4)
Sergio Porta Professor Urban Design
Ombretta Romice Reader
Eizabeth Smith Year Tutor (Y5)
Jamie Sneeden Year Tutor (Y2)
Peter Welsh  Year 3 Leader

Secretarial staff

Ellen Thomson Administrative Support
Catriona Mirren Administrative Support
Holly Innes Administrative Support

Technical staff

Name Role 
Derek Gillan Technician
Fraser Connolly IT Support Technician

Research staff

Huyam Abudib Researcher
Aisha Abubakar Research Associate
Claire Coquet Ktp Associate
Saleh Seyedzadeh Research Associate
Marco Ursi Visiting Researcher

Studio Design Tutors

Hazel Andrew Tutor
Colin Baillie Tutor
John Barr Tutor
Mary Beaton Tutor
Mark Bell Tutor
John Brown Tutor
Cameron Burt Tutor 
Romain Charlet Tutor
Lynne Cox Tutor
Nick Domminney Tutor
Amanda Flockhart Tutor
Siobhan Forde Tutor
Andrew Gillespie Tutor
Andy Gower Tutor
Tony Halbert Tutor
Melanie Hay Tutor
Graham Hogg Tutor
Ryan Holmes Tutor
Ewan Imrie Tutor
Joanne Kinloch Tutor
Piotr Lesniak Tutor
Catriona MacDonald Tutor
Brian McGinlay Tutor
Gordon McGregor Tutor 
Neil McGuire Tutor 
Laura MacLean Tutor 
Chris Malcolm Tutor 
Gavin Murray Tutor
Gordon Murray Tutor
Graeme Nicholls Tutor
Karen Nugent Tutor
Marcin Nykaza Tutor
Jennifer O'Donnell Tutor
Vas Piyasena Tutor
Alastair Reid Tutor
Nicholas Roberts Tutor 
Grahan Ross Tutor
Stuart Russell Tutor
Kenneth Stephen Tutor
Chris Stewart Tutor
Sarah Jane Storrie Tutor
Kirsty Timoney Tutor
Alasdair Tooze Tutor 
Hazel Wallace Tutor
Miranda Webster Tutor
Esther Weir Tutor
Enda Williamson Tutor

Visiting & Emeritus Professors

Robert Adam Visiting Professor
Michael Corcoran Emeritus Professor
Iain Gilzean Visiting Professor
David Lawlor Visiting Professor
Aonghus MacKechnie Visiting Professor
Tom Maver Emeritus Professor
Guy Maxwell Visiting Professor
Gordon Murray Visiting Professor
David Page Visiting Professor