BIM: The digitisation of the Built Environment

Report on the BIM Seminar, Tuesday 19 April, 2016

Around 50 delegates from industry and the University of Strathclyde attended the seminar on Building Information Management (BIM) organised by the Department of Architecture. David Philp, the Global BIM/MIC Consulting Director AECOM and the Chair of Scottish BIM Delivery Group, provided a very informative update on the Scottish Government’s BIM Implementation Programme and highlighted the benefits of the application of Level 2 BIM. These included estimated savings of 20% of the total construction cost, which could amount to 35% after the implementation of Level 3 BIM.
Prof. Bimal Kumar of Glasgow Caledonian University contributed to the event by informing the audience about the development of the BIM Strategy for NHS Scotland. The need for teaching and research on BIM in Scotland was among a range of issues discussed following the presentations.
The event indicated that further seminars on BIM will be welcomed. The Department of Architecture plans to collaborate with BIM4SMEs (a working group made up of individual organisations from different sector backgrounds within the industry such as SME contractors, specialist sub-contracts, architects, FM providers and construction bodies) in the organisation of future events on BIM and its application in practice. In addition, the Department of Architecture will engage with the BIM Academic Forum, established in late 2011, which is developing a roadmap towards a longer-term vision of embedding BIM learning at the appropriate levels within ‘discipline-specific’ undergraduate and postgraduate education that facilitates the development of professionals with the relevant BIM knowledge.
BIM Seminar Flyer

Speaker at the Seminar, David Philp, is the Global BIM/MIC Consulting Director of AECOM and the Chair of the Scottish BIM Delivery Group.

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He discussed the digitisation of the Built Environment and how digital is disrupting the construction sector:

  • The Scottish Government’s BIM Implementation programme – what, why and how?
  • The journey toward Level 2 BIM – unlocking the benefits
  • Creating a Digital Built Britain and a new wave of innovation

David’s enthusiasm lies in highlighting the potential of new technologies and how we interact with them to bring added value to our customers and unlock new ways of working throughout the entire construction life-cycle.  David is passionate about our industry and perceives BIM as being a catalyst for reform.

An early adopter of practical change and purposeful collaboration, David is the Global Director of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Main Information Contracting (MIC), consulting for AECOM, the global fully integrated services company. He was seconded into the UK BIM Task Group as the Head of BIM in 2011, and is now also the Chair of the Scottish Future Trust’s BIM Delivery Group. A Fellow of the RICS, CIOB and ICE, he has completed the Virtual Design and Construction Course at Stanford University, CA., and is a Visiting Professor at Glasgow Caledonian University. David is also Chair of the BIM4 community.