Jonita Karablikova MArch AAD: Exhibiting Architect at Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries Exhibition 2018

Masters in Advanced Architectural Design graduate, Jonita Karablikova, has been invited to exhibit her work at the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries exhibition in Edinburgh. The exhibition will run from 24 March-18 April 2018. 

The RSA NEW CONTEMPORARIES, supported by Walter Scott & Partners Limited, represents the RSA’s commitment to promoting contemporary art in Scotland. Now in its tenth year, this carefully curated exhibition offers a unique opportunity to see some of Scotland’s finest emerging talent under one roof. Showcasing 62 graduates selected from the 2017 degree shows, this exhibition will feature a wonderful array of painting, sculpture, filmmaking, photography, printmaking, architecture and installation. (RSA 2018)

Project Description: Projecting Post Place of Truth and Reconciliation
This thesis is an attempt to explore a vision of the future and the possibilities for Russia to be a place where people stand up for transparency and the truth. The aspiration starts with establishing the idea of a ‘unit of truth’. This unit would act as mediation and rallying space that would house free speech and encourage people to take action. Consequently these units would create a network round the whole country. The analysis directs focus on Moscow, where the scheme would evolve into a ‘network of truth’ reinforcing people to act in search of reality, hope, and belief in the possibility of change, realised in a permanent space to house the previous regime’s memorials, archives and documentaries. A space where people would reminiscence the past but would be able to see the truth of the present and house it for future generations. Thus, the place of Truth and Reconciliation would be established. This proposition explores the journey through these buildings, looking at different typologies that enable people to search and understand the truth. The space would serve as a space of mediation, where confrontations of expressive ideas would happen and people would be able to see and understand beyond what they are given. This project does not propose a solution, but is an exploration of architecture as a tool of change and a means of embracing one’s mind.
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