Congratulations to Jacob Dibble and Alessandra Feliciotti on winning first prize in the ‘urban-promogiovani6’ competition, held as part of the ‘Urbanpromo Conference 2014’ at the ‘Triennale di Milano’

'Glasgow@Hand' aimed to regenerate the Anderston and Tradeston area of the city, mainly through the modification of the M8 motorway. Their project demonstrated that by; rerouting the motorway through a tunnel, establishing new transportation hubs, installing neighbourhood infrastructure and (re)creating East/West routes, would regenerate a currently neglected and partially derelict part of Glasgow city centre, in an area that once housed a thriving working class community. The project emphasised strategic phasing and flexibility in the masterplan, paying particular attention to the need to integrate the project area into surrounding communities and the city centre.

Alessandra Feliciotti and Jacob Dibble of the Department of Architecture’s Urban Design Studies Unit submitted their entry online. They received the International Jury First Prize for their project, 'Glasgow@Hand'.  This is the first prize in the overall design category, which is selected by a panel of 5 international experts in the fields of architecture, planning, urban design and social housing. It was announced as part of the event (the prize was Euros 1,000). Their entry focused on urban regeneration strategies for a specific area of Glasgow, in particular on how their proposals integrated this area with it’s surroundings.

The competition received 80 entries by student teams from around the world, competing in two categories: overall design and social housing.  The brief for all entries was to focus on the key topics of the Urbanpromo conference: urban transformation, urban marketing, smart cities, sustainable energy and social housing.

Other Urban Design awards are featured in our Galleries, or you can download a pdf to see the Urbanpromo prize panel in detail.

The Milan Triennale is an art and design museum created to promote research excellence in creativity by housing avant-garde and functional spaces for exhibitions. From 11 to 14 November 2014 it was open to students worldwide to share their ideas and improve their skills through collaboration with professionals working in the field of urban regeneration. The Urbanpromo Conference was described as ‘a cultural event about regeneration as a process of strategies, policies and actions, aimed at creating sustainable urban development’.