MUKTI Project

It’s estimated that 0.5 % of the population require prostheses/ orthoses or related devices (WHO, 2011). In India, this equates to 6 million devices.

The MUKTI Project is committed to providing improvement in delivery of prosthetic and orthotic services in India.

The clinic, based in Chennai, South India, is organised and run by a team of staff and students from the department of biomedical engineering.

The project team and their supporters raise funds, source equipment and assist staff at the clinic.

The service is free and the clinic treats around 30 people each day.

Mukti means freedom in Hindi. It’s the aim of the clinic to give people the freedom to walk, work and be independent.

Project aims

We're aiming to achieve a step change through permanent improvement in delivery of prosthetic and orthotic services provided by the charitable MUKTI organisation in India.

We're working to build a sustainable partnership between the University of Strathclyde and MUKTI.

Our objectives

  • To develop and deliver an appropriate training and education program for staff working in MUKTI
  • To explore different service models with MUKTI and support in facilitating change
  • To scope the need for prosthetic and orthotic interventions both locally at MUKTI and throughout India
  • To develop innovative health technologies with high impact for the Indian population
  • To raise awareness at Strathclyde and in the wider community in Scotland of the challenges facing people with mobility disabilities in India and worldwide
  • To provide students with transferable skills relating to organisation, fundraising, cultural awareness and experience of working in a low income setting with limited resources


A group of volunteers, made up of undergraduate students and staff of the department of biomedical engineering, have been collecting donations and organising annual activities to raise funds for MUKTI.

The monies collected are used to fund annual visits to the MUKTI clinic, provide donations of equipment to improve services and provide education for MUKTI staff.

Fundraising activities have included running the Paris marathon, an Edinburgh to Glasgow sponsored bike ride and a sponsored abseil from the Falkirk Wheel.


Ongoing funding is vital to securing the continued success of the MUKTI Project.

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