NC233 Introduction to Clinical Gait Analysis

Date 6 week on-line course

On-line Course

Fee £150

Course content

This on-line course will cover the practical and theoretical components of clinical gait analysis.  It will include a revision of the gait cycle, the mechanics of gait (joint angles, movements and powers), a discussion on the theories of gait (why we walk the way we do) and an introduction to gait abnormalities, including an in depth case study.  The course will use a combination of video, audio supported powerpoint lectures, word documents, quizzes and weekly discussion forums.

There is NO EXPECTATION of existing knowledge of biomechanics or gait analysis.

The course will be delivered on-line over a sixweek period with an estimated commitment of three hours per week.  You can of course do the whole course over a shorter period but you may miss some of the interactive discussions.


For more information please contact the course organiser Dr Andy Kerr (email:

Intended audience

This course is aimed at Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Orthotists, Prosthetists, Sports Therapists involved in the assessment and/or re-education of gait.

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