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Chemical & Process EngineeringElectrochem 2019

The Electrochem 2019 annual meeting is organised jointly by the RSC Electrochemistry Group and the SCI Electrochemical Technology Group.  In 2019, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Electrochem, and it will also include the 60th Corrosion Science Symposium, the annual meeting of the Institute of Corrosion’s Corrosion Science Division, and the Institute of Corrosion’s Corrosion Engineering Division annual working day (August 28 only). Electrochem 2019 will be held at the University of Strathclyde's Technology Innovation Centre in Glasgow, Monday 26th - Wednesday 28th August.







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Programme themes

Energy & environment

The Energy and Environment symposium will explore the full diversity of electrochemical energy conversion, storage technologies, and electrochemistry for environmental applications, including heavy metals removal and organics degradation.

Fundamental & analytical electrochemistry

Programme theme electrochem19

The fundamental sessions will cover topics such as: nanoscale electrochemistry, single entity electrochemistry spectro-electrochemistry and non-aqueous experiments. Analytical electrochemistry will cover topics relating to sensor development, including: biosensing, chemical & gas sensing, advances in measurement techniques and integrated sensor systems development.

Materials & processes

Electrochem19 programme theme

This theme invites research contributions involved in manufacturing processes or material fabrication using electrochemical engineering. Topics covered include synthesis, fabrication, characterisation of novel materials where electrochemistry plays a key role, and the analysis, development & performance analysis of electrochemically based processes which hold promise at nano & micro scales.

Corrosion science

Electrochem19 programme theme

The Corrosion Science Symposium has been held annually since its launch in 1960 by Prof. L.L. Shreir.  It is an ideal opportunity for students and early researchers in corrosion science from across Europe to congregate, discuss their work, share ideas and, above all, enjoy themselves in a stimulating environment.  Contributions are invited in all areas of corrosion science and engineering.

Plenary Speakers

We are pleased to announce the following electrochemistry medallists and invited plenary speakers to Electrochem 2019.

Paul McIntyre Award

Steve Paterson

Dr Steve Paterson, Robert Gordon University

The 2019 Paul McIntyre award has been granted to Dr. Steve Paterson.  Steve obtained a B.Sc and Ph.D in metallurgy from Imperial College, London. He joined Shell International and over 34 years had an exciting journey in a variety of roles involving materials, corrosion, welding and integrity management. His experience covered the research, refining, chemical and oil and gas production sectors and he worked in the UK, Netherlands, Norway and Malaysia. Since retiring from Shell in 2017 Steve has worked as an independent consultant and is currently a part-time lecturer at Robert Gordon University where he teaches materials and corrosion, and corrosion management. The award will be presented at the Electrochem 2019 conference at Strathclyde University on Wednesday 28 August, 2019, during the Corrosion Engineering Division part of the meeting.