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Chemical & Process Engineering Distance learning

We recognise the growing need for flexible learning programmes for professionals.

We aim to provide flexible learning courses that fit in with your current job, family commitments or lifestyle.

These part-time modular programmes are mainly for industry-based students from the UK and overseas.

The following programmes are available via part-time distance learning and online learning. All courses are hosted online but with the advantage of tutors giving support through forums and live webinars.

Chemical Engineering BEng

This is primarily aimed at technicians or other people with a Higher National Certificate or Diploma in Chemical Engineering and relevant industry experience.

This degree may also be appropriate for candidates with a related engineering/science qualification who wish to transfer into Chemical Engineering.

For students who do not have the required pre-requisite chemical engineering knowledge a bridging programme is available.

The programme covers the fundamentals of Chemical Engineering and as it is accredited by the IChemE is suitable as the first stage of underpinning knowledge towards CEng (Chartered Engineer).

MSc Process Technology & Management

This programme is designed to meet the needs of chemical and process industries. It is aimed at Chemical Engineers or graduates of a related engineering or science discipline who are working in a Chemical or Process Engineering role and who are seeking an advanced technical qualification with some management/business content.

The course format is a three-year, postgraduate modular course with a major final year project completed in the employees' place of work. The course is fully accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and fulfils the Master’s degree requirement for Chartered Engineers.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All of the modules offered as part of the above courses can be taken as individual CPD modules.

You can look through the course links to find modules of interest and contact the department if you wish to apply to follow a programme of modules as a non graduating student.