Representatives of Civil & Environmental Engineering's Malawi project

Civil & Environmental EngineeringOur work with Malawi

We've long standing links with Malawi and work closely with the staff of the University of Malawi on a regular basis.

Here's some of our projects:

The Scotland Chikwawa Health Initiataive

We focus on improving water, sanitation, maternal health and disease control

This departmental health improvement programme, has been based at the University of Malawi since 2006.

The initiative, led by Dr Tracy Morse in Malawi and Dr Tara Beattie in Scotland. Through funding from the Scottish Government, we focus on improvements to water and sanitation, maternal health and disease control. This is done through health education, capacity building and supporting capital investment.

The project is currently implementing a 'Healthy Settings' whole system approach to health improvement in 18 rural communities in southern Malawi. Not only does this address the communities access to curative health services, but concentrates on the environmental, sociological and economic determinants of health in the home, school and work environment using a community lead approach.


In addition to programme implementation, research within the initiative concentrates on monitoring and evaluation of Healthy Settings which is the focus for PhD student Sarah Rippon.

PhD student Rebecca Laidlaw is investigating the use of mhealth (i.e. using of mobile technology, phones, tablets, etc) within health improvement programmes to enhance implementation.

Ansley Kasambara, an MPhil exchange student from Malawi, is working on quality of maternal health data as it transitions from the community to the District Health Office, and how this can be improved.C

New to the team, Kate Harawa, will be undertaking an MPhil in the area of water and sanitation.

Find further information on the Chikwawa Health Project

Integrated water resource management

We help communities access clean water

In addition, Professor Robert Kalin, with financial support from the Scottish Government, is developing a programme of integrated water resource management in southern Malawi.

The project works with local officials to plan and provide boreholes for communities that lack access to clean water. It builds the local capacity in planning for service provision, and helps communities to plan their management of water resources in the face of an increasingly unpredictable climate.

MSc Hydrogeology research projects

Our MSc Hydrogeology students also have the opportunity to travel to Malawi to work with Non-Government Organisations on various research projects.

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