Peter Stewart, Desigh, Manufacture & Engineering Management student

Peter Stewart

MEng Product Design Engineering


Why did you choose to study at the Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management?

I came to visit Strathclyde when I was in my last year of school and was very impressed by both the staff and the facilities. One thing that really made the department stand out was the range of equipment available to the students, such as numerous 3D printers and laser cutting equipment, and that this technology was utilised in a variety of student projects.

As well as equipment, the student areas such as the studio and computer labs were fantastic and allocating a space where you and your peers can work and collaborate provides a real benefit in both the academic and social experience.

Why did you choose to study your course?

My main reason for choosing Product Design Engineering was my love for building and designing things. My interest in product design started when I studied a similar course at school and really enjoyed it.

I also realised that designing products was not only about aesthetics but it was important to have a sound knowledge of engineering and manufacturing to ensure what you design will actually work.

Product Design Engineering provides students with a wide knowledge base of many different engineering topics as well as the opportunity to specialise in many particular fields.

What have been the highlights of your course to date?

One of the highlights during my course has been obtaining a sought-after internship with Schrader Electronics, a world leader in tyre pressure sensing technologies within the automotive industry.

During my summer break between third and fourth year, I completed two 12-week internships, as part of the mechanical design team.

I really enjoying working in a high-paced engineering environment and feel that the experience was invaluable in terms of learning about a more specialised area, as well as getting to put the knowledge and skills I had gained at university into practice.

What are your ambitions following the completion of your course?

After completing my degree I would like to move into a design consultancy graduate role whilst also working towards becoming a chartered engineer.

Through this I will gain vital experience in this field, in the hope of opening my own design consultancy within the next 10 years.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to study at the Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management and the University of Strathclyde?

I would highly recommend the department if you want a course which will provide you with a diverse engineering knowledge and skill base, as well as a variety of hands-on, practical assignments.

For someone considering the Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management, I would point out that if you are not clear exactly what field of work you want to get into at this stage, do not panic as all the department's courses enable you to go into a variety of different roles such as oil and gas, automotive or consumer product design.

What other advice would you give relating to your student experience?

Work hard, learn as much as you can in this short period and put it into practice.

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