Space Mechatronic Systems Technology (SMeSTech) Laboratory

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The Laboratory´╗┐´╗┐ is established to advance space related mechatronic technology and systems development.

It will achieve this by generating novel conceptual solutions for new space exploitation missions full of currently unknown problems requiring high level intelligence, fast response and efficient energy consumptions.

SMeSTech lab is well positioned to advance research and development of mechatronic solutions for space applications. Mechatronics has been established as key technology in developing many intelligent systems and in particular for consumable products. We believe that there are much scope and opportunities for its applications in particular in space explorations to improve human being’s current quality of life and future survivals and possible expansion of living space, in facing limited and reducing resources on the Earth.



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SMeSTech lab will provide research expertise and undertake projects in:

  • Space robotics for in-orbit satellite services and refuelling
  • Space mechatronic system development methodologies and mechatronic system modelling and simulation platforms to support mechatronic systems development
  • Space system – human interaction and integration technology
  • Novel and smart space mechanisms and mechatronic devices development and prototyping
  • Mechatronic solutions for advancing manufacturing techniques for large, one-off and complex space systems

The lab is initially funded by the University of Strathclyde and International funding. We aim to work with wider space research community to advance our common technology to support sustainable and peaceful space exploitations, develop our understanding, explore opportunities and tackle challenges in such an endeavour by seeking joint research projects. We welcome collaborations with interested organisations either in broad mechatronic systems technology research including robotics and automation or their applications in space explorations. If you have any suggestions for collaborations, we would like to hear from you and look forward to produce benefits for mankind.

The lab is currently working on a portfolio of research projects in the above research areas, worth over £2 million.