InFuse is a European Horizon 2020 funded project. A consortium of expert companies and organisations are working to develop a novel software framework for the Space Robotic Technologies Strategic Research Cluster (SRC).

The consortium consists of Space Applications Services Nv Of Belgium, German Aerospace Centre (DLR), German Research Centre For Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Smestech Of University Of Strathclyde, Magellium Sas, Laboratory Of Systems Analysis And Architecture (CNRS-LAAS). InFuse consortium is developing a Common Data Fusion Framework or CDFF. Because data fusion is key to the success of missions involving robotics in space, we are creating a new way to effectively combine the data acquired by sensors used onboard satellites, rovers, and other space vehicles.

Data fusion is investigated in order to provide critical information about whereabouts of our space assets are in space and control their movement with precision; and be able to perceive and model the vicinity of our assets for science, or physical interventions

The InFuse Common Data Framework (CDFF) will create a new, effective tool that can be adopted by a wide range of users in the robotics community. We are primarily creating the tool for space robotics, but its applications will be broad, on earth and in space.


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