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SIROM project Success at IAC 2018 in Bremen

A well-represented SIROM consortium team attended 69th International Astronautical Congress 2018 from 1st to 5th October 2018 held in Bremen, Germany. SIROM team joined PERSPERA team and other Operational Grant (OG) teams to promote the research and development outcomes of all six OG’s achievements so far in a dedicated exhibition booth. This exhibition booth has attracted a lot of interests from both IAC delegates and general public on Germany’s national holiday on Wednesday 3rd Oct 2018. SIROM project Success at IAC 2018 news article.  (SIROM project Success at IAC 2018 news article).


SIROM Project Consortium Management Meeting 6    

SIROM Project Consortium Meeting 6 (PM6) was held at Airbus Bremen, on the 1st and 2nd of October 2018. During PM6, the consortium focused on the review of TRR documentation, project progress over last quarter in terms of manufacturing, prototyping and assemblies of expected SIROMs. SIROM PM6 news article. (SIROM PM6 news article)


SIROM project Industrial Engagement at i-SAIRAS 2018

SIROM project has attracted a wider audience interests from over 100 international delegates attending The International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space (i-SAIRAS 2018), held in Madrid, Spain in June, 2018. The symposium is devoted to the technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Robotics and their application in space.
The delegates visited SENER to learn more about the company and the SIROM project. A partially assembled prototype system has been on display for delegates to view the future European space robotic connector. This event truly promoted the SIROM to international experts from USA, Europe, Japan, China and other space nations. SIROM Industrial Engagement news article.  IndustrialEngagement News ArticleJune2018 .

Industrial Engagement



SIROM Project Consortium Management Meeting 5

SIROM Project Consortium Meeting 5 (PM5) was held at SENER, Tres Cantos, Madrid on the 6th of June, 2018. During PM5, the consortium focused on the review of the manufacturing progress of SIROM prototypes, testing arrangements and dissemination activities. SIROM PM5 news article. PM5 News ArticleJune2018

PM 5



SIROM Critical Design Review meeting

SIROM Critical Design Review meeting was held at Space Application (Brussel, Belgium) on the 12th and 13th of February, 2018. During the CDR meeting, the consortium focused on the review/Close/Actions of RIDs in JIRA on a document basis. Partners also visited the Space Application facilities. SIROM Critical Design Review meeting news article.   PM3 News ArticleFeb2018


SIROM Concurrent Engineering Design (CED) workshop

A productive Concurrent Engineering Design (CED) workshop was held at Space Applications Services in Brussels, Belgium on 14th and 15th November 2017.

The workshop was designed to allow all consortium participants from all disciplines to work together on the design choices of SIROM and identify how they would impact on the global system functionality, performance and design complexity.

The objective of the CED workshop was to have interactions at technical level among the partners and to allow them to present clarifications in support to the CED activities.

The scenarios of the Planetary Track being more challenging than the ones of the Orbital Track, the workshop focused on the set of operational scenarios to be run for that particular track. The lead organizer, Space Applications Services, presented the storyboard and executed the scenarios on a step by step basis that enabled to detail the functional requirements of the whole SIROM system at each step of its execution.

Partners were invited to explain how their subsystems covered the needs or needed to be adapted to cover the needs or how the operational scenario had to be adapted to address subsystems limitations. Issues were identified during the first day and the whole set of operational scenarios were covered. A number of splinter meetings were organized between partners to solve some open issues, to further explain how their subsystems intended to work and to refine the interfaces between subsystems.

During the CED workshop, more than 30 topics requiring a clarification were addressed by the team that had also the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of proposed solutions. About half of the open points could be discussed and closed during the CED workshop due to excellent team interactions. Further actions and points requiring a more in depth analysis were then addressed and resolved after the workshop by teleconference.



SIROM Project Consortium Management Meeting 3

SIROM Project Consortium Meeting 3 (PM3) was held at DFKI (Bremen, Germany) on the 4th and 5th of October, 2017. During PM3, the consortium reviewed project progress made by each partner over the last quarter, organised consortium after PDR so that the consortium can align the scope of their activities better with the activities identified at PDR led by SENER. Sirom PM3 news article v2



SIROM Project Management Meeting 2

SIROM Project Management Meeting 2 (PM2) was held at Leonardo (Nerviano, Italy) on the 5th and 6th of April 2017. PM2 was held successfully to review project progress over last quarter, address the consolidation of the System Requirement Specifications (SRS), and discuss the Product Tree, Block diagram and Interface. Further information can be found in the detailed news article.


Project Management Meeting 1 held to review progress and clarify SIROM design requirements

Project Management Meeting 1 has been successfully held in SENER, Bilbao, Spain. Project representatives from all 9 partners attended the meeting. The focus of the meeting is to define a clear set of design requirements for SIROM connector which will enable mechanical, thermal, data and electrical intelligent interface.  Project partners also discussed possible mission scenarios and their requirements in relationship to the connector.  A further trade-off discussion took place to develop a kind of USB standard for space commercial easy to use connection. Academic partners also presented technological review in the field and this is aimed to provide the state of the art understanding for the SIROM connector design. Preliminary conceptual design was also presented at the meeting to stimulate the innovation and creativity in SIROM development.


This two day workshop took place in Madrid at GMV’s premises where nearly 50 delegates from all six operational Grants attended the workshop. It is an excellent opportunity to bring all stallholders together to develop a common understanding of the challenge and clarify the interfaces among all OGs. It is also important to note that PSA played a critical role in sharing its vision with all partners of the OGs and it is believed that this will lead to a coherent and coordinated set of outcomes from all OGs, which will form the solid foundation for future European space robotic missions.

A group photo is shown below.

 SIROM Team Photo

Photo Credits: GMV

A successful SIROM PROJECT Kick-off meeting marks the official start of the exciting project

November 3, 2016

Sirom Kick off meeting 3

SIROM kick-off project meeting took place on 3rd November, 2016 in Bilbao, Spain. The meeting was attended by representatives from all 9 project partners as well as the Research Programme Officer of the Strategic Research Cluster on Space Robotics Technologies of the European Commission's Research Executive Agency, and the project officers from PSA, who coordinate the project PERASPERA (Latin meaning “Through hardships to the stars”).  The PERASPERA project’s main aim is to develop and promote the main space robotics technologies ahead of future technology demonstration missions.

The objective of the kick-off meeting is to have a good and in-depth understanding of the project, clarification of the project partner roles, capability of each partners and project coordination. The following meeting agenda was followed.

-       09:00-09:15: Welcome and coffee

-       09:15-09.45: Presentation by the EC - REA on Project development guidelines

-       09:45-10.15: Presentation by the PSA on Interaction Model between PSA and OGs

-       10:15-11:00: Introduction to SIROM Project and Consortium (SENER)

-       11:00-13:30: Short presentations by each Partner, introducing key persons, contacts, inputs requested (by whom, by when) and involvement in SIROM. (15 minutes per Partner).

-       13:30-14:30: Lunch

-       14:30-15:30: Presentation of the Project Schedule, Work Breakdown Structure, Calendar and other management and technical issues.

-       15:30-16:30: OGs interaction (Q&A, SRSDS document …)

-       16:30-17:30: Activities to be performed during the next period

-       17:30-18:00: AoB and meeting closure