SIROM Objectives

As one of the six Operational Grants, SIROM focuses on the design and prototyping of a key robotic component: connector. The SIROM project aims is to realize this connector through a set of interfaces (mechanical, data, electrical, thermal) that allow coupling of payload to robot manipulators, payload to other payload or client to server. The main objective is to develop a standard interface that considers a set of connections that allow coupling of payload to manipulators and payload to other payload.

The realization of a modular reconfigurable system depends, among other things, on interfaces, that includes mechanical interfaces connecting the blocks to one other to provide a strong structural connection, an electrical interface for power transmission, thermal interfaces for heat regulation and thermal power transmission, and interfaces to transmit data between two connecting parts or throughout a satellite.

This multi-functional “Intelligent” interface will be designed and prototyped as a critical robotic interconnect building block for both planetary robotic applications as well as in-orbit servicing. The building block could also be extended for applications where it could be connected to a satellite with a servicer.

The standard interface will require standardization and modularization of the different components in an integrated form (where mechanical, thermal, electrical, data connections are combined) or a separated form. The standard interface shall allow building up large clusters of modules. APMs are considered for demonstration, validation and verification of all properties of the standard interface. An end-effector for a robotic manipulator will be designed according to the layout of the standard interface.