SIROM Work Plan

This multiple disciplinary and multiple partner project requires comprehensive investigation of different discipline design and coherent coordination of different organisations.  A logical and systematic strategy of the work plan has been developed and detailed action plans defined as the following five project design phases:

Phase 1: System Engineering. This phase focuses on the clarification and development of the project requirements based on the inputs from large system integrators and the technology review performed by the research centre and academic institutions.

Phase 2: Design & Analysis activities. In this phase the aim is to conduct a preliminary design of interface concepts to the active payload modules and end effectors. This activity will be followed by the detailed design of the reference implementations.

Phase 3: Manufacturing & Testing for Design Consolidation. The objective of this phase is to manufacture the reference implementations for both target planetary and orbital application scenarios. The validation of the concepts developed at component level is to confirm the design consolidation.

Phase 4: Test execution at Platform level. This phase is designed to demonstrate the adequate integration in the tests platforms to be provided by sister project Facilitator for Operational Grant 6. This task will aim to demonstrate through proof that the reference implementations meet specifications.

Phase 5: Project results assessment. This phase is designed to assess project results and based on all the new developments within the project and beyond, a roadmap for further technologies development and exploitation will be generated.