Wind & Marine Energy Systems Meet our experts

Academic partners

The UK Wind & Marine Energy Research Centre is based at Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering's Institute for Energy and Environment. The centre also has close ties with the Wind Enegry & Control Centre.

Bill Leithead , Professor

Bill has bee in wind energy, since 1988, he has built up and sustained a group of international standing. This wind energy group has very strong links with industry, has designed controllers for several wind turbines and been involved in the design process of commercial machines. Prof. Leithead is the Chair of the Supergen V Wind Consortium, is UK member of the European Academy of Wind Energy and is on the Editorial Board of the international journal, Wind Energy. Prof. Leithead has been the recipient of 38 research grants and is the author of more than 200 academic and other publications.  He is a member of the UK Automatic Control Council.

David Infield, Professor

David has been working in the wind energy field for over 20 years.  Between 1987 and 1993 he was the Manager of the Universities' Wind Turbine Test Facility at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.  From 1993 to 2007 he built up CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology) at Loughborough University.  He lectured the wind aerodynamics and wind resource modules of the CREST MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology.  In 2007 he moved to Strathclyde as Professor of Renewable Energy Technology.  His wind research interests cover resource assessment, flow modelling and condition monitoring.  He has published widely, led National and European research teams, and is the founding Editor in Chief of the IET Journal Renewable Power Generation. He coordinates the renewable energy area for the UKERC and sits on the Royal Society Energy Committee.  He also represents the UK on relevant International Standards committees.

Peter Jamieson, Professor

Peter is based at Strathclyde University for 2 days a week acting as a special technical advisor to Professors W Leithead and D Infield whilst also conducting independent research into wind energy and supervising specialised PhD topics. As a founder member of GL Garrad Hassan's Scottish office and of their Special Projects Department he is uniquely positioned to offer the highest guidence in the future development of wind energy in the UK and beyond. His previous work as a senior engineer at James Howden was the beginning of a highly successful and respected career in Wind Energy Development. His recently published book titled Innovations in Wind Turbine Design is a culmination of a life long career in the wind energy sector.  

Alasdair McDonald, Senior Lecturer

Alasdair carries out research into electrical generators and drivetrains in wind turbines and other renewable energies. Before coming to Strathclyde he was Chief Engineer at NGenTec, a spin out company which he co-founded. He studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering as an undergraduate at Durham University and completed a PhD in the design and modelling of large generators for direct drive wind turbines at Edinburgh University

Markus Mueller, Professor

Markus is the advisor of the CDT in the University of Edinburgh. His area of interest includes design of novel generator topologies for direct drive wave energy, wind energy and tidal current energy converters. 



Industrial partners

The Wind and Marine CDT is supported by an industrial advisory board made up of representatives from industrial partners. These include some of the biggest wind and marine manufacturers, developers, power system operators and consultancies in the United Kingdom and Europe. This board meets regularly to review the CDT ’s activities and research and make recommendations for its future direction.

Various industrial collaborators have been involved and have supported research projects throughout the running years of the CDT. Some of them are listed below.