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Wind & Marine Energy Systems The programme

This centre offers the UK’s only comprehensive doctoral training programme in Wind & Marine Energy, bringing together the leading UK research groups in Wind Energy at Strathclyde University and Marine Energy at Edinburgh University.

About us 

10 EPSRC research studentships are avaliable to talented engineering and physical science graduates to undertake a 4 year PhD.

The Centre is committed to developing the new wave of highly skilled professionals needed to meet the energy challenge.

The overall aim of the Research Centre is to meet the needs of the fast growing wind and marine energy industry by providing high calibre PhD graduates with the specialist, generic and leadership skills necessary to lead future developments in wind and marine energy systems. The objectives are to ensure all students from different disciplines gain competencies in core aspects of wind and marine energy systems engineering and understand the socio economic impact of wind energy systems.

A formal programme of training and research is completed to develop and enhance students’ technical interdisciplinary knowledge, and broaden their understanding of the social, political and economic contexts of wind power and marine energy systems.

Wind and Marine Energy are the most promising renewable energies for the UK and their contribution to electricity generation is central to UK plans to meet binding EU obligations to provide 15% of all UK energy from non-carbon sources by 2020.  The centre will help the UK meet these ambitious targets and through support from its key UK and global business and industry partners, develop the new generation of high-skilled professionals needed to lead the vibrant energy sector. 

With expertise unrivalled in the UK, the Centre's multi-disciplinary research teams are working closely with industry to help develop its global position in the field and meet ambitious renewable energy targets.

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