Faculty of Engineering Flexible Learning Centre

Supporting the Faculty in online teaching and learning

What we do

The Flexible Learning Centre (FLC) assists departments in the Faculty of Engineering in the development, production and delivery of online learning material.  This includes support for distance learning, research dissemination, and delivery of short courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.  We produce video content, and facilitate live online video conferences and webinars.

Aims & Objectives

The Flexible Learning Centre aims to strengthen the capabilities of the Faculty of Engineering to achieve strategic goals in teaching, research, knowledge exchange and internationalisation.

Our primary objective is to grow strategic distance learning and knowledge exchange capacity by establishing an online presence through the Centre that delivers distance learning, continuing professional development (CPD), and knowledge exchange programmes from across all departments within the Faculty.


Each department or project works with the Flexible Learning Centre to build their online membership, promote their activities through the Centre and use the Centre as a platform for dissemination.

This centralised approach simplifies public access, consolidates research output of the Faculty, and promotes a consistent brand and approach.


The online distance learning and continuing professional development courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering are competitive in this market by their focus on: 

  • evolving industry needs
  • opportunities for distance learning and other online courses for external clients
  • opportunities for leading the delivery of national and international knowledge exchange projects
  • high quality content and online delivery
  • efficient management of the courses
  • competitive pricing


The Flexible Learning Centre offers services to support:

  • Teaching: e.g. development of online curricula for degree programmes, e.g. videos, interactive instructional content, and webinars (live online interactive presentations) for distance learning
  • Research: e.g. webinars for dissemination of research output
  • Knowledge exchange: e.g. CPD webinars and other online interactive instructional content
  • Internationalisation: marketing internationally through videos and social media on the FLC online products


The Centre's quarterly E-News includes the announcements on the current and upcoming online continuing professional development courses (CPD), 'hot topic' lectures, and other knowledge exchange activities.

The Centre also publishes an online Knowledge Exchange Magazine (June/December) that includes case studies on online learning experiences and opportunities to engage with the Faculty of Engineering in knowledge exchange through industry events, workshops, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, consultancy, classroom based and in-house CPD.