Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering Our yacht "Catalina"

  • Catalina Yacht in the water against a blue sky
  • close up of the catalina yacht in water
  • Catalina yacht in the water against an evening sky
  • catalina yacht in the harbour
  • a group of students pose for a photo on the Catalina
  • Catalina Yacht sailing in water
  • Catalina Yacht tipping to the right, with people sitting on the left hand side
  • Catalina Yacht in water against a blue sky
  • close up of the catalina in water
  • catalina yacht against an evening sky
  • Catalina yacht in the harbour
  • students posing for a group photograph on the catalina yacht
  • video of catalina yacht on the waiter from behind
  • catalina yacht in the water on a grey and mistry day, tipping to the right, while it's passengers sit with legs dangling over the edge

Catalina is a Sigma 33 cruising/racing yacht. It's available for all students of the department to use under the supervision of an experienced Skipper who holds a minimum of an RYA Day Skipper Practical qualification.

Our students have the opportunity to gain their RYA Day Skipper theory and practical qualification through a course offered by the department.

For year one students, the theoretical course can count towards their degree. The practical aspects of the course are taught on board Catalina. Catalina Article

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