Henry Dyer Computing Laboratory

Our Henry Dyer Computing Laboratory contains a suite of 67 computers which have specialised computer software programs loaded, please see a list of programs below.  The laboratory is located in the Henry Dyer building.                                                        

Package Name Publisher  Version  Website
 AVL   AVL  v2017 http://www.avl.com/ast
 ANSYS  ANSYS  18.1 http://www.ansys.com/en-gb/products/release-highlights
 Autodesk AutoCAD 2017  Autodesk  v2017 http://www.autodesk.com
 STAR-CCM+  CD-adapco  12.04.010-R8 http://www.cd-adapco.com/
 DNV SESAM  DNV Software    May v2017 http://www.DNVSoftware.com
 Flexcom  MCS Kenny  8.6.3 http://www.mcskenny.com/ 
 Lloyd's Register RulesCalc  Lloyd's Register   2014.0 http://www.lr.org
 Mathcad 15  PTC   15 http://www.ptc.com
 MATLAB  The MathWorks, Inc  R2017a http://www.mathworks.com
 Maxsurf  Bentley Systems, Incorporated


 NAPA  Napa Ltd.   2017.2 http://www.napa.fi
 NAPA Designer  Napa Ltd.    2017.2 http://www.napa.fi
 OrcaFlex  Orcina Ltd.  10.1d http://www.orcina.com
 Mathcad Prime  PTC  4.0 http://www.ptc.com
 Windchill Quality Solutions Enterprise  PTC  11.0 http://www.ptc.com
 ShipX  Sintef   http://www.marintek.sintef.no
 Rhinoceros  Rhino  5.13 http://www.mcneel.com
 Paramarine  Qinetiq  8.4 http://paramarine.qinetiq.com
 Arena  Rockwell  15.00.000 https://www.arenasimulation.com
 UNI SIM DESIGN  Honeywell  R450 https://www.honeywellprocess.com/unisim
 Beta-Cae  Beta-Cae  18.0.0 https://www.beta-cae.com/
 Endnote  Endnote  8.02 http://endnote.com/product-details