Diversity Week 2017: 20th - 24th February

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This people-oriented week will celebrate the rich diversity of cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles of the University’s students and staff. A range of social and learning events will enhance knowledge and awareness among the University community and foster excellent relations between people of different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles. The Diversity Week is sponsored by the University’s Alumni Fund.

Download the full Diversity Week 2017 programme .

Information on individual events is also available on Facebook. 

For further details on any events, email: equalopportunities@strath.ac.uk or telephone 0141 548 4144 or contact the Students Association ussa.VPD@strath.ac.uk or telephone 0141 567 5000.  

Events range from World@Strathclyde Day, Human Library, Introduction to Jewish festivals, Glasgow Chai Party, Interfaith Dinner, Unconscious bias seminar, LGBT Beyond the Binary, Rights of refugees, Europeans and international students after Brexit,  Educational Futures and Fractures Conference (School of Education), Scriptural reasoning, International families group and more. There will also be exhibitions in the McCance Building.

All events are free and open to current and former students and staff. Members of the public are welcome to attend events where specified. Due to capacity of venues, registration is necessary except where specified.

Please note that photos may be taken at some of these events.

The Diversity Week is sponsored by the University’s Alumni Fund

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For more information on any Diversity Week events, contact

Naseem Anwar

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Diversity Week 2017: 20th-24th February

Twitter: #StrathDiversity


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