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The Equality Champion

The University’s Vice-Principal Professor Scott MacGregor is the Equality and Diversity Champion.

His role is to advocate the equality agenda and strategy and support the Equality and Diversity Manager in developing and implementing best policy and practice on campus.

Professor MacGregor is the Convener of the University Equality and Diversity Strategy Committee. The membership includes representatives from Faculties, professional services and the Students Association.

Equality and Diversity Strategy Committee

Remit, Responsibilities and Membership

The Equality and Diversity Strategy Committee (EDSC) is a University Committee overseeing the University’s compliance with its equality and diversity obligations, most recently set out within the Equality Act 2010.

The Committee is convened by the Vice-Principal and meets formally twice each academic year, in November and March.  Additional meetings are held when required.

The Committee is responsible for:

Equality and Diversity Strategy and Policies

  • The approval and regular review of the University’s Equality & Diversity Strategy and associated policies and Annual Action  Plan;
  • Ensuring that Equality and Diversity policies and the Equality and Diversity Annual Action plan are communicated across the University for implementation by Executive Deans, the COO and CFO.

 Annual Monitoring

  • Monitoring the University's performance against its statutory obligations in terms of Equality & Diversity and in particular protected characteristics for students and staff;
  • Satisfying itself that the Equality & Diversity Annual Action Plan is being implemented in Departments/Schools and the Professional Services;


  • Ensuring that the Executive Team, Senate and the University Court are advised on equality and diversity issues as and when required;
  • Receiving information and annual reports from other Committees and operational groups;
  • Reporting annually to the Executive Team, Senate and the University Court on the University's compliance with Equality & Diversity legislation and effectiveness of the Equality & Diversity Strategy.

Membership of the Committee

  • The Vice-Principal (Convener)
  • The Executive Dean of each Faculty or nominee
  • The Director of HR or nominee
  • The Director of SEES or nominee
  • Strath Union VP Diversity

In attendance:

  • Equality & Diversity Manager
  • Disability Services Manager

The EDSC may, from time to time, invite others to attend meetings to ensure appropriate expertise is available to expedite its work.


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