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ESRU operates a private network of workstations running Linux and Windows.  All undergraduate and postgraduate students have access to similar technology and, in addition, are able to make wireless connection to the university's network.


These cover all aspects of energy and the environment - from the fundamental properties of solids, liquids and gasses, to the production of power and heat from fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. The facilities support teaching and research in relation to:

  • fundamentals, e.g. material hygrothermal behaviour;
  • climatology, e.g. solar irradiance and sky luminance;
  • modes of heat transfer, e.g. conduction, convection and radiation;
  • human comfort, e.g. air psychrometry;
  • conventional energy systems, e.g. for heating and cooling provision;
  • power production systems, e.g. fuel cells, heat pumps and fuel cells;
  • solar and low temperature applications, e.g. photovoltaic cells; and
  • mixed mode supply approaches, e.g. combined heat and power.

Laboratory are organised thematically.