Examples of facilities

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Our laboratory is organised into physical areas, with each area hosting thematic experiments.

Examples of facilities operated in recent years are given below:

Area 1 | Area 2 | Area 3 | Area 4 | Area 5 | Area 6 | Area 7

Laboratory Area One: Properties and States of Substances
 Apparatus Description 
 1  Guarded hot plate for conductivity determination.
 2  Viscosity measurement using a Redwood viscometer.
 3  PVT measurement for compressible and incompressible fluids.
 4  Calorific value measurement via Boys, Coal and Junkers calorimeters.
 5  Specific heat determination
 6  Surface emissivity and absorptivity measurement.
 7  Solid and liquid diffusion measurement.
 8  Shortwave absorption, transmission and reflection for transparent and translucent materials.
 9  Humidity measurement.

Laboratory Area Two: Heat Transfer
 Apparatus Description 
 1  Conduction of heat in solids.
 2  Radiative exchange including effects of surface properties, geometry and power spectrum.
 3  Convection under laminar and turbulent boundary layers using Schlieren apparatus and coloured liquid tank
 4  Pool boiling heat transfer.
 5  Condensation.

Laboratory Area Three: Fluid Flow
 1  Reynold's experiment for laminar and turbulent flow.
 2  Measurement of pipe friction and velocity profile.
 3  Wind tunnel to measure external flows and surface pressure coefficients.
 4  Measurement of lift, drag and stall.
 5  Experiments with nozzles.
 6  Fanno and Reighley apparatus for compressible flows.


Laboratory Area Four: Mixtures
 Apparatus Description 
 1  Air/ vapour mixtures and psychrometry.
 2  Combustion mixtures.

Laboratory Area Five: HVAC Systems
 1  Boiler design and operation based on conventional and condensing boilers.
 2  System design based on a boiler and distribution network for heating and hot water.
 3  Solar water heating using a water collector placed within the solar simulator.
 4  Hilton vapour compression refrigeration system.
 5  Air conditioning and refrigeration.
 6  Air-to-air ventilation heat recovery.
 7  Simple and advanced control system operation.
 8  Ground and air source heat pumps.






Laboratory Area 6: Power and Propulsion Systems
 1  Various wind power experiments using the wind tunnel and small wind turbine.
 2  Various photovoltaic experiments with poly-crystalline, mono-crystalline and amorphous silicon components when used in power only and combined power and heat modes.
 3  Steam and air turbine.
 4  Various engine tests relating to electrical power production and exhaust gas emissions.
 5  Propulsion.
 6  Combined heat and power.
 7  PEM fuel cell.








Laboratory Area Seven: Weather and Environment
 Apparatus Description 
 1  Weather monitoring procedures.
 2  Air quality monitoring procedures.