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ESRU was established in 1987 as a cross-discipline research group concerned with new approaches to built environment energy utilisation and the introduction of sustainable means of energy supply at various scales.

The group's belief is that options for energy demand reduction and clean supply must be considered together if society is to attain significant levels of energy efficiency and new & renewable energy systems deployment.

The work of the group is divided between research, consultancy, knowledge exchange and software development.  Research activities cover a range of topics from national/local energy systems performance to indoor/outdoor health & comfort. Consultancy services include the laboratory testing of new products, the performance appraisal of proposed new designs or retrofits, and the field monitoring of energy systems in use.  Knowledge exchange activities cover degree courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, short courses on energy topics for continuing professional development, and training in modelling and simulation for practitioners and researchers. Finally, we distribute and support Open Source programs that may be used to examine the performance of traditional or new energy systems when deployed at different scales.

ESRU is located within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. and operates the BRE Centre for Energy Utilisation.