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The web version of EMIS is available via Pegasus, and gives all Estates Services customers the ability to create service (chargeable) and maintenance (non chargeable) requests online.

Web EMIS runs in a Windows-style environment and allows use of either the mouse or keyboard, offering point-and-click buttons to help guide users through the system. Providing your PC or Mac is powerful enough and you have the appropriate internet browser software, you do not need any additional software installed on your computer to use WEMIS.

Who can access WEMIS?

As of September 2016, all staff who have a DS account will have automatic access to WEMIS without having to apply for it. This access will enable staff to raise requests for non-billable ‘maintenance’ type work. This will include such as faults to electrical fittings, damage to roofs, repairs to gutters, downpipes, plasterwork, floors, paths, doors, windows, shelves and fixed equipment as well as plumbing leaks, and furniture faults. However work requests relating to such as the installation of new fittings/ equipment, enhancements to rooms, adaptations and other non-maintenance items will be deemed as chargeable and departments will need to pay for such requests. In order to be able to raise requests for chargeable items on WEMIS individual employees need to apply for an enhanced level of access.

I need to be able to raise requests for chargeable as well as non chargeable issues. How do I get the enhanced level of access to WEMIS?

The first step to getting this enhanced access is to submit an email to the Estates Services Helpdesk at estates.helpdesk@strath.ac.uk. Please specify the account codes against which you would like to be able to raise, and charge, non-maintenance requests. Authorisation of this enhanced access level will need to be approved by your Head of Department. The Helpdesk will contact them directly to get that authorisation but you should check with your HOD before submitting your request for enhanced access.

The Helpdesk will then contact you when your request has been processed. Once your set up is complete you can log onto web EMIS as normal by going in to Pegasus and selecting the Estates tab and then selecting the Estates Management Information Server option.


Training videos on the use of the various forms within the WEMIS system are available below:

How to raise a Web Service Request (Recoverable)

How to raise a Web Service Request (Non-recoverable)

How to raise a Portering Services Web Request (Non-chargeable)

Who do I contact if I need further information?

All queries should be directed to the Estates Services Helpdesk.

By e-mail: estates.helpdesk@strath.ac.uk

By telephone: ext. 2164

Who do I contact if I am having hardware or system problems?

If you experience hardware or systems problems, contact the IT Help Desk in the first instance. You'll need the following information when you get in touch:

  1. User login
  2. Extension number where you can be contacted
  3. A brief description of your problem
  4. A note of any error messages that the system displayed

By e-mail: cas-help@strath.ac.uk

By telephone: ext. 4000 Option 1 or 3