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Transforming our Estate

The Estates Development Framework (EDF2 ) will create four distinct academic quarters and first class teaching, research and recreation facilities. Approximately £350 million will be invested in the campus over the first 10 years.

EDF2 is complemented by the Campus Development Plan 2011, which looks at how the campus environment can be improved and linked with the wider Merchant City and Glasgow City Centre.

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Humanities and Social Sciences Quarter

This will allow the new Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences to deliver its learning, teaching and research activities in flexible, collaborative space. This is centred around the Lord Hope and Curran buildings. These buildings underwent significant upgrading to accommodate the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences workspace and most of their specialised teaching spaces. The first phase was completed in 2012, allowing vacation of the Jordanhill Campus. Further phases are planned including Psychological Sciences and Health in 2017.

A £33 million Centre for Sport and Health is planned for 2017.

The Campus Plan will reinforce the integration of all four Faculties by creating strong routes across Cathedral Street linking into the Strathclyde Business School and Science zones.

Strathclyde Business School Quarter

Strathclyde Business School departments will consolidate to Cathedral Street with an improved Stenhouse, Sir William Duncan and Strathclyde Business School by 2015 through an investment of £23M. The campus plan has also identified opportunities to make better use of the Business frontage, and improved links through this quarter.

Knowledge Exchange/Commercialisation

A new Technology and Innovation Centre will be the first step in creating an exciting knowledge exchange and commercialisation zone in the heart of the city. This development is planned for 2014 on City Science, George Street. It will house world-class research, knowledge exchange and education in engineering, physical sciences and business alongside key industry partners.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Quarter

The new Technology and Innovation centre and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Quarter in the west of the campus are interdependent and is anticipated that staff from some areas of Engineering and Physical Sciences will move into the new centre.

The £35M investment in the James Weir will be complete by early 2014 and will house the departments of Architecture, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Chemical & Process Engineering and Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management.

Science Quarter

A £36 million building to support world leading drug discovery and development research at the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences was opened in 2011. Physics will be consolidated in a £12M extension project to the John Anderson building by 2014.

The campus vision for Taylor Street is of a transformed science street providing a strong north-south route through the campus.

Teaching and Learning Zone

The quality of the student experience and our teaching and learning activities are central to our plans. A new Learning and Teaching building, integrating the Students’ Association, will be developed by 2022.

In the interval there will be improvements to existing learning and teaching facilities and the current Student Union. We will also create higher quality student activity and exchange areas in the ground floor of our buildings.

Professional Services

There is sufficient scope within the plans to accommodate the needs of Professional Services departments, and given the ongoing restructuring, dialogue will continue to ensure each area is located in appropriate space.

Many departments will remain short to medium term in the buildings along George Street forming a front door to the University.

Residences Zone

The University currently owns and operates all of its student residences. The majority of our residences are located in the student village adjoining the John Anderson Campus academic quarters. The provision of residences will be subject to a review to ensure supply continues to meet demand.

Celebration Zone

The Celebration Zone is centred on the iconic Barony Hall, which is the focal point for University celebrations and University Day. The car parking will be retained and there will be some investment in landscaping.

Off Campus Research Hubs

Advanced Forming Research Centre and Power Network Demonstration Centre are externally funded off campus research buildings.


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