Training Requests

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Training Requests

Within Estates Management the responsibility for the training and development of staff lies primarily with the Section Heads, each of whom is responsible for discussing training requirements and requests with the individuals within their section both as part of the PDP or Staff Appraisal scheme and also as part of the Review exercise. Additionally the Training Co-ordinator within the department, who receives regular information on training courses, will disseminate this information to relevant individuals or groups within the department.

As regards the manual and cleaning staff, the initial responsibility for discussing training needs will lie with the Trades Supervisors or the Cleaning Supervisors who will then make recommendations to the Works Manager and Cleaning Services Manager respectively.

Training requirements in relation to Health & Safety fall within the remit of the Department Safety Committee.

Independent of all of the above processes all staff are encouraged to come forward at any point in the year with training requests or requirements which can be discussed with their Line Manager. If the Line Manager is happy to support the training request, the employee concerned should then complete a Pre Training Request Form. After undergoing any training period all staff should also complete a Post Training Evaluation Form, these can be found in the procedure document ADM049.