University of Strathclyde HR Excellence Action Plan

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In November 2010 a gap analysis was completed, mapping where University of Strathclyde policy, provision and good practice matched the principles and clauses of the Concordat, and where it did not.  From this we have compiled and activated a Concordat Action Plan which will ensure that the principles of the Concordat are firmly embedded within the institution.    Actions were then identified where further work was required to ensure complete compliance, and responsibilities assigned. Actions highlighted are where new approaches or changes to existing approaches will be developed, identifying how these will happen and setting timescales.  These new approaches will then be implemented and reviewed at regular intervals.

The gap analysis was completed by the Staff Development Adviser in HR, in consultation with the researcher community through the Faculty Research Committees, the Researcher Development Forum and the Faculty Researcher Development Champions.  The application process for the HR Excellence award has been driven by the Deputy Principal External Affairs and Advancement. 

The HR Excellence Action Plan has been considered, discussed and finally approved by two of the strategic committees of the University:

and by two groups devolved from RKEC - the Researcher Development Implementation Group (RDIG) and the Researcher Development Group (RDG).

RDG is chaired by Professor David Gani, Deputy Principal External Affairs and Advancement, and is comprised of Vice Deans (Research) for each of the four Faculties, Chair of RDIG, Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange Services, Deputy-Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange Services, Director of HR and Head of Organisation and Staff Development Unit.

RDIG is chaired by Professor Ian Ruthven, Computer and Information Sciences, and is comprised of representatives from each of the four Faculties, Research and Knowledge Exchange Services, Human Resources, Careers Service, Centre for Academic Practice and Learning and Faculty Researcher Development Champions.


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